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Casas Bahia

With 60 years of experience in the domestic market, Casas Bahia is a chain store that sells home appliances, electronics, furniture and housewares. The brand is managed by Via Varejo, a company with shares traded on BMF Bovespa (VVAR11) and is positioned as one of the world’s largest electronics retailers. The head office is located in São Caetano do Sul, in São Paulo. Via Varejo currently has about 50,000 employees and over 750 Casas Bahia stores are operating, distributed in 18 states in the South, Southeast, Northeast, North and Midwest (SP, RJ, ES, MG, GO, PR, SC , MS, MT, tO, BA, SE, AL, MA, PE, PB, RN and CE), and the Federal District.

The company’s mission is to fulfill the dreams of its customers, providing easier access to credit and working with a management model focused on simplicity, respect and total dedication to collaborators, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Casas Bahia was valued at US$ 420 million and is considered the 6th most valuable retail brand in Latin America and the 2nd in Brazil, according to “Best Retail Brands” ranking, published by Interbrand consulting. The estimate is 10% higher than the evaluation of 2013. It is also “Top of Mind of Data Folha” for 11 consecutive years in the category “Furniture and Home Appliances Stores”.

History: The beginning of the chain store took place in 1957, when the immigrant Samuel Klein bought a small store in downtown São Caetano, at 567, Rua Conde Francisco Matarazzo, called Casas Bahia. The name was a tribute to the great number of Northeasterns living in the city and Klein decided to keep it. He, who had come five years earlier to Brazil and worked as a door to door salesman, opened the store selling furniture.

In 1964, the stores started selling home appliances and, in 1970, already with seven branches and the mascot “Baianinho”, the slogan “Total dedication to you.” was created. The expansion process with the opening of units in São Paulo and Santos began.

Logistics - By 2011, the logistic model was concentrated in just one distribution center, located in Jundiaí, São Paulo, and considered the largest DC of Latin America. With the synergies developed by Via Varejo, which manages Casas Bahia and Pontofrio, there was an optimization and system development.

There was a decentralization process and the company now has 14 distribution centers and 9 warehouses throughout Brazil. The greater capillarity generated cost savings and was fundamental in the company’s expansion process to other states.